"I ain't here for games, where are your pals?"

-Big Jeff

Big Jeff is an antagonist in Season 2 of the Club Penguin Shutdown series. He was presumably made to be an evil counterpart of Lil Jeffy.

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Big Jeff is a bounty hunter in the world of the old Club Penguin. He is a smoker. Big Jeff also appears to have a very fearless personality as he is shown to not be afraid to stand up to penguins in large crowds to get what he wants, as shown in The Gathering not even hesitating to think twice to strangling the Boss Lady.

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Big Jeff is an orange penguin resembling Lil Jeffy. However, unlike Lil Jeffy, Big Jeff has permanent scars on his face and chest.

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Lil Jeffy Edit

Big Jeff's relationship with Lil Jeffy is largely unknown since the two have never interacted with or even met each other yet. However, Big Jeff seems intent on killing Lil Jeffy as he was promised RSnail's Helmet in exchange for Lil Jeffy's death.

The EGCP Leader Edit

The EGCP Leader made a deal with Big Jeff to hunt down Lil_Jeffy for Rsnail's Helmet. He is the prime reason Big Jeff is after Lil_Jeffy.

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