Black Puffle is a character in Club Penguin Shutdown. It first appeared in The Crack near the end. Lil Jeffy was eating cooked puffles when he mistakes them for burgers. Then the Black Puffle saw this. It was angry. In The Sale, It can be seen going out of the trees looking at The Cove Crew and Lil Jeffy with a angry expression. After that, The Puffle leaves the Cove. In The Strangers, Floppy Green Penguin was introduced. Fans guessed it was controlled by puffles. This was proven to be correct in The Chase and The Reunion. Where a stampede of puffles were rushing to behind the Coffee Shop. During that, 6 puffles can be seen. 2 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Blue, 1 Brown, and 1 Black Puffle. This could be the puffle from The Crack. All of them hop in the penguin skin, Becoming the same penguin from The Strangers.

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