The Boiler Room was a room in Club Penguin, and is a location of the Club Penguin Shutdown series. 2 Background Characters were there, unfortunately Lil Jeffy and his crew used it to get away from the Hybrid Sea Monster's decoy. They were not quick enough.

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  • Out of all post-shutdown rooms, the Boiler Room seems to have one of the least notable changes in the entire series, as the only thing different about it is the boiler being the only source of light.
    • Of course, the Boiler Room was eventually flooded by Lil_Jeffy's crew.
  • The Boiler Room was the last underground room to be flooded by the Cave pool. It's door kept it from being flooded, until Lil_Jeffy and his crew knocked it open to escape from the sea monster's penguin decoy.
  • Since these two penguins were the first background characters with clothing, fans given them names. The Box Penguin is "Boxer" and the Red Shirt Green Penguin is "Greener".

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