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Businesmoose is a character of the Club Penguin Shutdown series. He was a moderator of the original Club Penguin before the shutdown, making him unique in his own way. He looks different from the other penguins due to wearing a Zeus Moose Head.

Businesmoose Dojo

Businesmoose being forced out of the Dojo

Background Edit

Biography Edit

Businesmoose first appeared in the episode The Reunion. He appeared in the Dojo being told to that he was next and that he had to find the Tuba Gang due to them not delivering their Stuff to The Mascots. He was extremely cowardly and refused to go due to the Mascots being there but they threatened him to get down or they won't let him get back in again, shoving him out of the Dojo.

His next appearance was in The Reward where his search led him to the Pet Shop, where he found some dead penguins. Then, hearing some strange noises, he nervously asked who was there, and a bunch of torches lit up the shop, revealing a small horde of some Pookies that started attacking him until The Cannibal appeared and rescued the Businesmoose after he told the Cannibal he was looking for the Tuba Gang.

Appearance Edit

Businesmoose appears to be brown penguin wearing a full outfit. He wears a white shirt and dark grey jacket, shoes and tie. Additionally, he wears a moose mask with a blue patch, gaining his name.

Personality Edit

Businesmoose seems to be a timid and cowardly. He is especially afraid of The Mascots, as seen when he tried to get out of searching for the Tuba Gang by warning them about the Mascots who had gone rogue. He seems to have the friendliness of a moderator as he seems to have deemed The Cannibal as a friend after he saved Businesmoose from the Pookies.

Relationships Edit

The Moderators Edit

The Moderators don't seem to think much of the Businesmoose. Despite the fact that he is probably a Moderator just like them, they constantly treat him like an expendable that could easily be replaced. They also force him into doing things for them with threats, like when they threatened to give him up to the Mascots if he didn't go out and look for the Tuba Gang.

The Mascots Edit

Businesmoose is terrified of the Mascots, more so than anything else on the island; he was visibly afraid when informed that the Mascots had come to the island.

The Pookies Edit

Businessmoose is afraid of the cultist Pookies since they tried to attack him for unknown reasons (possibly because they saw him as an idol), but he nonetheless tried to reason with them even while they had him pinned down on the floor.

The Cannibal Edit

Businesmoose sees the Cannibal as an ally, at least for now, since the Cannibal saved him from the Pookies and also seems to be looking for the Tuba Gang.

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