Tuba Gang Leader's Playercard

Antagonists are characters who play an antagonistic role in the Club Penguin Shutdown series. They're normally against the Protagonists of the series, but this may not always be the case. Some antagonists are seen as manipulative, psychopathic or extremely violent. Meanwhile, others may help the protagonist but have done deeds to confirm them as bad guys, such as the Mutant Penguins and The Cove Crew. Some villains have very little appearances but they count due to their actions and behavior through greed, selfishness, and/or violence. Most antagonists are seen as murderers, such as The Freak and Problem Solver while others are seen as cruel or just against the protagonist. Season 1's main antagonist is the Tuba Gang Leader and Season 2's main antagonist is either Rockhopper or Big Jeff, or possibly both.

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