"Truce! TRUCE! Please, ooooh, oooh god...."

-Dark Knights Member.

The Dark Knights Member was the only survivor of the gang war in the Dock. He didn't survive unharmed, though; his casualties include a lost fin, broken sunglasses, a damaged viking helmet, and complete paralysis, leaving him helpless. Lil Jeffy and his friends came along the Dock, resting themselves, until the Agent started loudly announcing that he was hungry, causing the Dark Knights Member to freak out, admitting truce and pleading for help. When Lil_Jeffy asked for pizza, he claimed he didn't have any, so Lil_Jeffy decided to abandon him until the Survivor said that he knew where pizza was. Hearing this, Lil_Jeffy kicked the Agent off his makeshift sled and pushed the Dark Knights Member into it. The Dark Knights Member pointed further up the Ski Hill and told Lil Jeffy that there was pizza that way, so they went.

In The Reward, Dark Knights Member pleaded for Lil_Jeffy to hurry. Lil_Jeffy decided to use the Dark Knights Member as a stool and jump on him to the roof of the Ski Lodge. This crushed his bones and killed him. Agent and Floppy Green Penguin likely did the same. At Ski Village, his corpse had been moved by the Guard so he could tie Lil_Jeffy to the sled. His body appears again in The Gathering, this time completely frozen over.

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