The EPF Command Room is a room in the Club Penguin Shutdown series where Gary and his lab assistant Jerry used to reside until they accidentally created the Mutant Penguins. The room seems to be missing the large table in the middle, and several chairs have been moved around. In place of the table is a giant machine used to bring players from Club Penguin Island to the room. After Sludge the orange mutant killed Gary and they escaped through glitching of the server reacting to the Halloween update, one of the arms of the Hybrid Sea Monster took Gary's body and brain, possibly absorbing it to make Gary become one with it.

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  • The entrance is actually blocked off by what seems to be a wreckage of items, so it could be possible neither Gary not Jerry were aware of what was going on outside the building.
  • In the corner where the cells used to be, there are pizza plants being grown, which is likely how Gary and Jerry were able to survive as long as they did.
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