Felipe's Playercard

Felipe1073w is the sprite worker of Club Penguin Shutdown and creates all the sprites seen in the series; these sprites being normal regular penguins, like Boss Guy and Boss Lady for an example. He himself has appeared in the series as a cameo for his birthday. He and Agentpman are the creators of the Club Penguin Shutdown Fan-Discord Server. Felipe1073w is active on the server, but he doesn't interact for long and is around to warn users about breaking the rules. He's a overall quiet but nice, funny guy in general, sometimes the jester of the crowd, making himself a clown and usually joking around when talking in the discord normally. If you're confused about the server, being bullied, or not feeling so well, Felipe is more than happy enough to help you out.

Trivia Edit

  • His birthday is on the 23rd of June.
    • This is also the same date that the first Sonic the Hedgehog game was released in 1991.
      • Ironically, Near Human Intelligence hates Sonic.
  • He is the creator of The Freak.
  • He started helping the series before The Leaders.
    • In The Leaders, 8 of the gang leaders seen were his suggestions.

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