''Screw the paper, Lil_Jeffy! That thing is disgusting!''

- The Narrator upon seeing the Floppy Green Penguin in The Strangers.

The Floppy Green Penguin is a character of the Club Penguin Shutdown series.

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The Floppy Green Penguin was an average penguin who was possibly killed in the Puffle Hotel. Its skin was used by puffles later. It is unknown how the said penguin died originally, though it's likely it had to do with puffles.

The Floppy Green Penguin first appeared The Strangers, where it was inside the Puffle Hotel Spa and met Lil_Jeffy.

Appearance Edit

The Floppy Green Penguin is a green penguin with a melted-like, floppy appearance. The top of its head is bent. As seen in The Alliance. Due to puffles controlling the body, its eyelids don't match its color, nor they match each other's colors. Its right eyelid is brown while its left one is black.

After the events of The Plan, the green penguin's body was left and the puffles migrated into the corpse of Puck, one of the deceased mutineers of the Purple Republic. Although, this only lasted 4 episodes as the Hybrid Sea Monster tore apart Puck's corpse. This resulted in the puffles retreating back into the Green Penguin Corpse.

The puffles consist of a Black Puffle (probably the one that appeared in The Crack and The Girl), a Brown Puffle, a Yellow Puffle, a Blue Puffle and 2 Red Puffles.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about the Floppy Green Penguin, as it is composed of multiple puffles in a penguin corpse and thus is incapable of speech. They appear to be friendly, or at least have well intentions, as they slid the decoded paper back to Lil_Jeffy, waved back to him after their first meeting, attempted to cushion The Agent's fall, and helped the Agent snap out of a PTSD episode.

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Kills Edit

Character(s) Kill count
Members of The Strangers 5
Members of the Purple Republic 2
Total 7


  • The Floppy Green Penguin has no official name, though it was referred to as "Flapz" in Near Human Intelligence's Discord server.
  • It is unknown why the Floppy Green Penguin is willing to help Lil_Jeffy and the Agent.
  • So far, nobody has suspected much about the Floppy Green Penguin except for their odd appearance except for Scavenger who saw the puffles go into the corpse in The Reunion.
  • When they make any sort of movement, a squishing sound is emitted from the body.
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