''Good luck with your big boys. Maybe they can teach you something about being a man.''

- Her final words to the Tuba Gang Leader before abandoning him in the clothing shop.

The Girl Penguin with Bow is a minor character in the Club Penguin Shutdown series. She was taken by the Tuba Gang Leader and became his girlfriend soon after. However, she left him after he failed to kill Lil Jeffy.

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During the Shutdown, Girl Penguin with Bow accompanied the Pigtailed Girl Penguin and her brother for protection from thugs, but the threesome accidentally wandered into Tuba Gang territory and were forced to hide there for several days to avoid being caught. When Lil Jeffy arrived in the Tuba Gang hideout to escape the Cannibal, Girl Penguin with Bow and her allies took his arrival as a sign that they could finally escape, but unfortunately the Tuba Gang showed up before they could leave. After killing Pigtailed Girl Penguin's Brother, the Tuba Gang Leader tied up Girl Penguin with Bow and Pigtailed Girl Penguin and stored them away. Then, after Lil Jeffy triggered a cave-in that killed all his gang members, the Tuba Gang Leader decided to sell both girls to the RPF to get more money, and they were taken to the Clothes Shop.

Later on, the Tuba Gang Leader decided to give up crime and went to the Clothes Shop himself, where he hooked up with Girl Penguin with Bow. They hung out in the closet, where she revealed that she had no grudge against the Tuba Gang Leader or Lil Jeffy for killing Pigtailed Girl Penguin's Brother, as it turns out she didn't even know him and was only concerned with having someone to protect her.

Over the next few days, Girl Penguin with Bow continued to hang out with the Tuba Gang Leader and supported his plan to kill Lil Jeffy, but she dismissed his claims about Lil Jeffy being a mastermind. After the Tuba Gang Leader's plan to kill Lil Jeffy in the Puffle Hotel failed, she lost all her faith in him and abandoned him for not being able to take out a single penguin. She presumably joined the Strangers after leaving the Tuba Gang Leader.

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The Girl Penguin with Bow is pink penguin with brown hair. She wears a pink bow in her hair.

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  • She and the Pigtailed Girl Penguin were the first female characters to appear in the series. They were also the first characters to have female voice actors.
  • Despite her Playercard and sprite looking purple, it's been confirmed that her color is Pink.
  • Her wig is the Butterfly Clothing icon.
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