"Hey! Get back downstairs!"


The Guard is a penguin who works at the Ski Lodge. He acts as a bodyguard for Boss Guy and Boss Lady. He first appears in The Reward, where he was seen guarding the entrance to his bosses' tent and told Lil Jeffy to go back downstairs when he approached, mistakenly thinking the orange hero was one of the many penguins Boss Guy and Boss Lady were keeping downstairs. Boss Lady recognized Lil Jeffy, though, and told the Guard to stand down. Later, Boss Lady ordered him to go get some "pizza," which he did. He soon returned, telling the group that the "pizza" was ready. When they exited the lodge, the Guard had Lil Jeffy's sled already prepared, explaining that he'd found it outside the lodge. The Guard then knocked Lil Jeffy out with his hockey stick, and he, Boss Guy, and Boss Lady dragged Lil Jeffy up the Ski Hill on his sled.

In The Gathering, he had no speaking lines; he simply accompanied Boss Guy and Boss Lady as they explained their demands to the Sledder Gang, telling the gang to make sure all remaining gangs ceased violent behavior or else face the wrath of Lil Jeffy. When all the newcomers arrived and the gang war broke out, the Guard tried to tackle Big Jeff only to get knocked off the cliff, landing on a smaller ledge nearby. He remained down for the rest of the episode.

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