The Mine was a location in Club Penguin Shutdown and was the inside territory of the Tuba Gang. It was where the Mushroom Bags were protected until Lil Jeffy entered it. Eventually, Lil_Jeffy went off with the cart causing a blue penguin to be killed. The Cart broke the wall of the mine, causing it to crush the 13 Tuba Gang Members leaving Tuba Gang Leader the only one left. It was then seen in The Fall as the water rushed through. It's recent scenery is in The Chase where Purple Mutineer and Floppy Purple Penguin were exploring.

Trivia: Edit

  • Despite how much time has passed, the corpse of the Tuba Members remain the same, along with their blood.
  • There's a half bag of Mushroom Bags on the table indicating that the Tuba Gang used the drug themselves.
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