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Near Human Intelligence is a user of various websites, such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. He is the creator of the Club Penguin Shutdown series.



  • Near Human Intelligence has been correcting mistakes and confusions:
    • He confirmed that the Agent is not Jet Pack Guy.
    • He solved the confusion for the birth of the Hybrid Sea Monster that being the update brings penguins to life and with it being clogged by the water, malfunctioned and created the Hybrid Sea Monster.
    • He confirmed that the Mutants came from Club Penguin Island and were forcibly removed from their game rather than being test subjects.
  • Near Human Intelligence also has some hobbies and other things other than Club Penguin Shutdown:
    • He seems to show a great amount of hate towards the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, along with pretty much any form of anime. This might explain why most Background Characters are Blue.
    • He enjoys playing Fortnite: Battle Royale with his fans.

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