"Something's wrong"

-Ninja talking with Rockhopper

Ninja is a character of the Club Penguin Shutdown series. and one of the Moderators.

Background Edit

Biography Edit

Ninja first appeared in the episode The Hunter. He appeared in Mountain Top searching where was Rockhopper. Until the Captain found him, he say to Rockhopper about he's wrong, telling him about he can fix it, but Rockhopper ordered The Nachos to throw him, out of the mountain.

Personality Edit

Ninja seems to be freaked out when Rockhopper appeared, stuttering and promising to fix any mistakes that were made.

Appearance Edit

Ninja is a black penguin, that wears a belt, and a ninja mask.

Relationships Edit

Rockhopper Edit

He seems that he want to help Rockhopper, telling him that he would fix it.

The Mascots Edit

He seems to be scared about the mascots quite a lot. Being fully aware of what they are.

Trivia Edit

  • Ninja is the least likely a penguin would see online. He's one of the lesser known moderators.
  • He took Businesmoose's place as the Club Penguin Blogger. Ironic since after his death, Businesmoose was sent out next.
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