The Orange Puffle is a character of the Club Penguin Shutdown series. He is Lil Jeffy's ally and one of the surviving ones. The Orange Puffle was first found in the collapse ruins of the Puffle Hotel and was stuck until Lil_Jeffy let it out. It was with Lil_Jeffy when the Tuba Gang Leader was fighting Lil_Jeffy. He was kicked into the garbage. He then came out of the garbage and distracted the Tuba Gang Leader while Lil_Jeffy stabbed him with a Hockey Stick.

In Season 2, he appeared with Lil_Jeffy in The Hunter. He didn't have much of a role there though. In The Reunion, Scavenger met the Orange Puffle and began to playing with it claiming that he hasn't seen a lot of puffles in the Shutdown. Suddenly a lot of puffles and "penguins" appear running past while a group of them hopped into the Green Penguin corpse the Agent was holding, making the Floppy Green Penguin.

In The Reward, he helped Lil_Jeffy get inside the Ski Lodge and got inside the Ski Lodge himself.

In The Gathering, he hid behind Agent during the Gang War on Ski Hill.

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