"Yes Lil_Jeffy, be afraid, This is the last day you'll bring any penguin anymore pain. for my Brother."

-The Pigtailed Girl Penguin's final quote before being burned alive.

The Pigtailed Girl Penguin is a character of the Club Penguin Shutdown series.

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The Pigtailed Girl Penguin is a peach penguin with a brown pigtail complete with a purple band.

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Not much is known about the girl. She was seen in the episode "The Gang" along with her brother. Her brother later died in the episode. This death causes her to seek revenge on Lil_Jeffy.

Eventually she kidnapped Lil_Jeffy and put him inside of the Pizza Parlor.She planned on Lil_Jeffy dying by her hands, but due to her being spooked by The Cannibal,this wasn't the case. She fell into her own puddle of oil and burnt alive. This caused the Parlor to explode sending Lil_Jeffy into the Underground Pool.


At first she seemed to be rather fragile. Until,of course, her brother died. This is when she broke, mentally, becoming the bitter penguin that died.

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  • Her sprite shows her with the The Sidetied Strikes Back despite her official art being The Sidetied Too.
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