The Puffle Hotel was a location in Club Penguin, and is a location in Club Penguin Shutdown. It is formed by three rooms: the Puffle Hotel Lobby, the Puffle Hotel Spa, and the Puffle Hotel Roof. It's also where the Floppy Green Penguin debut was.

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In The Consequences, a big part of the Puffle Hotel has begun to crumble and fall off.

In the Lobby, there was a bell that caused the server to glitch. Lil Jeffy grabbed it and threw it out the door. Although the Agent thanks him for it, it ended up creating the Hybrid Sea Monster.

In the Spa, there's soap everywhere so Lil_Jeffy ended up slipping on the floor dropping the paper. There he met the Floppy Green Penguin. Turned out there were puffles there, everywhere. Unaware to some, you can see the skeleton of the Green Penguin before he was the Floppy Green Penguin.

The Roof has a empty pool and a lot of garbage. It had the rainbow launch but it was deactivated since it was shutdown. Lil_Jeffy, Agent, Floppy Green Penguin, and the rebellions of the Purple Republic jumped off it in The Consequences.

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