The Rebel Penguin Federation, commonly known as RPF is a minor gang of characters in the Club Penguin Shutdown series.

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The RPF first appeared in The Sale, where they participated in a sale with The Cove Crew.  The Cove Crew Leader offered the minecart of Mushroom Bags from the Mine Shack in exchange for shelter, clothes, and a couple of girls. The RPF Leader tried to back out of the deal and claim the minecart as his own, but the Cove Crew threatened him with snowballs, so he went to get the things. However, the RPF Leader returned with only one girl - the Pigtailed Girl Penguin - and no clothes, which angered the Cove Crew Leader.  The pigtailed girl penguin then recognized Lil Jeffy and told the RPF that the minecart was stolen from the Tuba Gang.  The RPF Leader, not knowing that Lil Jeffy had killed the Tuba Gang, decided to back out of the deal entirely and trash talked the Cove Crew.  This made the Cove Crew Leader even angrier, and he killed the RPF Leader with a snowball. This triggered a gang war which ended with all members of both the Cove Crew and the RPF being killed. 

According to The Strangers Leader in The Alliance, the RPF owned the Clothes Shop and were allies with the Strangers.

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Like the Purple Republic, the RPF shoots snowballs at their enemies, killing them near instantly.

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