''Aah, you trippin foo! this is the best fire we evah builts yo!"

- One of the Red Thugs talking in his high state in The Alliance.

The Red Thugs are two minor characters in Club Penguin Shutdown. They're voiced by Michael Gonzalez and Samuel Meza.

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The Red Thugs first appeared in What's left of Club Penguin?, in which they beat up a blue penguin with hockey sticks.

In The Alliance, they took the minecart and hid in the Hidden Lake, where they used Mushroom Bags as kindling. Because they used the substance for a fire, the smoke caused them to get high. While under the influence, they also abused one of the thugs' Red Puffle while down there. They first kept it in a box and then forced it to eat three bags worth of substance. While under the influence, the puffle ended its own life, much to the amusement of the thugs

In The Consequences, they and moved to the Forest as to escape the flooding Hidden Lake. They used more of the substance to get high by using it as kindling. However, the Tuba Gang Leader finds them and sees that they have the mine cart. While one of the thugs initially teases the Leader, he quickly realizes he is from the Tuba Gang and is frightened. He remorsefully mentions that there was more substance beforehand, and offered to give him some of it. In a fit of rage, he forces one of the thugs' faces into the fire, yelling at him to smoke up all the substance. He then forcefully drowns him in the water, all while taunting him. The Tuba Gang Leader then kills the other thug by hitting him against a mine cart multiple times, mangling his face and leaving him to die.

In The Passage and The Leaders, The Cannibal dragged one of the thugs to the Mall to chop and cook him, feeding one of his flippers to The Agent.

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The Red Thugs are both identical in appearance, being red in color and donning a black beanie.

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  • After their deaths, they became one of the most liked characters in the Discord server, with fanart made of them.
  • They're actually the first characters to appear in the series, even before Lil Jeffy. Living up until The Consequences, they're the longest-living minor characters.

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