"A Puffle? Here boy! Wow, I haven't see one of you in a while. You used to be all over the place when we first shutdown"


Scavenger is a brown penguin who was in the Arcade with Survivor Man and Survivor Girl until he went out for food.

In The Chase they ditched him due to the Tuba Gang Leader heading after them. He wasn't seen until The Reunion where he woke up to the Agent crying. He then notices the Orange Puffle and began to play with it stating he hasn't seen any since the shutdown. All of a sudden a bunch of puffles appear along with a few "penguins" ending with a group of puffles going into the green corpse Agent was carrying making it once again the Floppy Green Penguin. Horrified, Scavenger headed to the Night Club just as Big Jeff exit the Coffee Shop. Big_Jeff then assumed it was Lil_Jeffy who entered and went inside.

In The Wasteland, Scavenger sees the burnt remains of the Arcade and hopes his friends are safe. Big_Jeff then speaks and begins to threaten him with a Blue Double Guitar and forces Scavenger to follow him around just in case.

In The Gathering, Big_Jeff and Scavenger went out of the Wilderness and soon met Businesmoose and The Cannibal. Businesmoose asked where "a Tuba guy" is and Big_Jeff stated the hill. Businesmoose didn't understand and Scavenger yelled that Big_Jeff means up the Ski Hill. Businesmoose and The Cannibal entered. When they left, Big_Jeff attacked Scavenger, but then The Strangers and Problem Solver appeared. Scavenger cried for help but they left him stating they were after Lil_Jeffy. Soon Big Jeff and Scavenger followed. When the fight broke out on the Ski Hill, Scavenger tried to ask Lil_Jeffy where his friends were before Big Jeff went off with Lil_Jeffy down the hill.

Personality: Edit

The Scavenger seems to be a nice person, he isn't violent nor cocky. He is however scared of anything threatening to him and tries to talk things out honestly. He seems to really care for his friends despite them ditching him.

Trivia: Edit

  • He is the only penguin who is aware that Floppy Green Penguin is actually a bunch of puffles inside a dead penguin corpse.
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