"Hey man, we're all trying to survive out here. It'd be a lot easier if we all just relax a bit."

-Survivor Girl in The Reunion

Background: Edit

The Survivor Girl is a Light Blue Penguin who was in the Arcade with Survivor Man and Scavenger until Lil_Jeffy entered it. Although The Survivor Girl doesn't fight, she is rather talkative, a good example is when she ticked off Problem Solver in The Reunion.

In The Passage, she was scared that Lil_Jeffy was going to kill her. She was mostly quiet due to her fear of Lil_Jeffy.

In The Leaders, she along with Survivor Man and Purple Mutineer believed that Lil_Jeffy can take out The Gang Leaders to which he did to the cost of the Night Club.

In The Chase, she and Survivor Man were arguing of ditching Scavenger but didn't have a choice as Tuba Gang Leader were after them. They split up from Lil_Jeffy but soon met again. Only to run off once seeing the Hybrid Sea Monster.

In The Reunion, She with Survivor Man and Purple Mutineer were talking about the Hybrid Sea Monster. They then began to talk about Lil_Jeffy catching the Purple Republic's attention. They cornered the Purple Mutineer with Problem Solver arguing with him. The Survivor Girl tried to talk it out, but the Purple Mutineer stopped her. Soon when Problem Solver slapped Purple Mutineer, it caused her to make a outburst. This is when Problem Solver decided to charge at them with snowballs. They got cornered and the Survivor Man lost his flipper by a snowball. Survivor Man then told where Lil_Jeffy was to be let free. However, Problem Solver wanted to keep the Survivor Girl captive. Survivor Man tried to talk it out but he was killed by the snowball and the Survivor Girl began to cry.

Personality: Edit

The Survivor Girl seems to be calm and mature in some situations. She doesn't seem insane or any of the such. She however does things before she thinks, as seen in the Reunion which got the Problem Solver after them.

Trivia: Edit

  • She was originally voiced by Christoper Thompson but then was replaced by Peen.
  • Her design is actually based off the Penguin on Penguin Style December 2013
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