"Just stay quiet! Stay out of it!"

-Survivor Man in The Reunion

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The Survivor Man is a penguin who was in the Arcade with the Survivor Girl and Scavenger until Lil Jeffy entered. He, alongside the Survivors Girl and Scavenger, is shown, unlike most penguin characters, to be non-violent, and rather just hide than fight.

In The Passage, he didn't know the penguin that woke him up was Lil_Jeffy but he still seemed timid and nervous. He got even more scared when he realized it was Lil_Jeffy.

In The Leaders, The Survivor Man seems to have hope that Lil_Jeffy can stop The Gang Leaders along with the Survivor Girl and Purple Mutineer.

In The Chase, Survivor Man argues with Survivor Girl to ditch the Scavenger. They finally decided to ditch him due to the Tuba Gang Leader. They got split up from Lil_Jeffy due to Lil_Jeffy going to the Hidden Lake. They soon met on the surface, although ran away seeing the arms of the Hybrid Sea Monster.

In The Reunion when the Purple Republic found the Purple Mutineer, the Survivor Man tells the Survivor Girl to not get involved. She however does get involved and ends up ticking off Problem Solver causing him to throw snowballs at him. The two run into the Wilderness until they're trapped in a corner. Problem Solver asks them where's Lil_Jeffy. The Survivor Man does tell him but Problem Solver wants to bring the Survivor Girl with him to The Strangers. Survivor Man tries to convince Problem Solver not to although this causes him to get shot in the head with a snowball.

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The Survivor Man is timid and scared mostly. He usually just flees and tries to talk things out. He does has his moments where he has to ditch people such as the Scavenger.

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Survivor Girl

He and Survivor Girl had been living in the Arcade until it blew up due to Lil_Jeffy overpowering the generator. They seemed to be good friends but Survivor Man seems to try to get Survivor Girl to not get involved in possible fights and outbreaks while Survivor Girl just wants to shut them down.


Survivor Man and Scavenger don't seem to interact but Scavenger seems to really care for his friends as he tries to ask Lil_Jeffy where they could possibly be. Survivor Man was the one who decided to ditch him to save themselves.

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