The Cannibal is a character of the Club Penguin Shutdown series.



He is based on a cannibal, a living being which feeds from other living beings of its species.


The Cannibal is a brown penguin. He wears a skull mask and an eye-patch.


Not much is known about the Cannibal's personality, since he never spoke in any of the episodes he appeared in. However, it is clear that he eats other penguins for food, since this is shown the episode What's left of Club Penguin? Despite an ominous appearance, it seems that the Cannibal has a merciful side, as he is seen feeding and caring for Agent in The Leaders, rather than killing him for consumption.


Season 1

Season 2


Character(s) Kill count
Blue Penguin 1
Tuba Gang Leader 1
Pigtailed Girl Penguin 1
Total 3


  • Despite The Cannibal eating his own kind, he has shown no signs of antagonism, and thus, is not seen as an official antagonist in the series.
  • The Cannibal had a daughter who died during the shutdown, causing his disturbing state of mind shown currently.
    • He also is after the Agent because of his brain-damaged state, he reminds him of his daughter and wants to take care of a child again.
    • The official discord, the users have a joke in which the Cannibal adopts the Agent as his son.
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