The Consequences is the tenth episode of the first season of the Club Penguin Shutdown series, and the eleventh episode overall.

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The episode takes place during the events of the previous episode, The Fall, during the moment when the Agent, Lil Jeffy, the Floppy Green Penguin, and the remaining alive members of the Purple Republic that decided join them were jumping to the Mall, with the Agent telling his plan to fall inside the fountain. The scene then cuts to the Forest, in which the Red Thugs appear to still be under the effect of the Mushroom Bags after The Alliance, talking. Said scene is then cut again to another scene of a full view of the Plaza, in which the Tuba Gang Leader, The Strangers and the rest of the members of the Purple Republic are in front of the entrance of the Puffle Hotel, which appears to be collapsing by the upper floors because the reception was damaged to the point it can't support the other floors anymore. The collapsing floors fall a member of the Strangers and Purple Republic killing them.

The previous scene is then cut again, this time showing Lil Jeffy, the Agent, the Floppy Green Penguin and the other Purple Republic members jumping to the glass, breaking it. Told by the narrator, the scene shows the Agent pushing Lil Jeffy to the left in order to make it more possible for the latter to survive. During that moment, the Floppy Green Penguin wraps around the Agent's back.

The scene is then inmediately cut to the Mall's inside. Lil Jeffy and the Purple Mutineer landed in the fountain's water, Agent and Floppy Green Penguin crashed onto the floor with the Floppy Green Penguin as a cushion for Agent. Puck tumbled down the escalator as one above crashed onto the floor and the last one getting face-planted into the ground, both of them exposing bones.

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