The Cove Crew are characters of the Club Penguin Shutdown series. They first appeared in The Crack, and only appeared (alive) in two episodes. They resided at the Cove.

Background Edit

Appearance Edit

The Cove Crew are black penguins who wear either blue overalls or red flannel shirts. Their leader has no clothing, but has a gray beard.

Personality Edit

The Cove Crew seems to be neutral with any penguins who weren't apart of gangs, as they invited Lil_Jeffy to join their feast when he arrived. The Cove Crew, despite their calm nature, still commit some disturbing actions. They kill, and eat Puffles, and crave for female penguins, not even bothering to find any more useful supplies.

Attack Strategy Edit

Like most penguins on the Island, the Cove Crew attacks using snowballs, like the Purple Republic. Although this is what got them all killed in the end.

Relationships Edit

  • Lil_Jeffy: They seemed to have treated Lil_Jeffy quite nicely despite the Island's state.
  • RPF: The Cove Crew leader wanted to make a deal with the RPF, but when the RPF leader decided to back-stab the deal, then decline it, the Cove Crew leader killed him and all broke lose.


Season 1Edit

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