"Don't you just love it when things are finally going your way? I conned some sucker into doing a job for me for free. He's going to get himself killed as he kills somebody for me and I get to sit back and enjoy, hah hah hah. This is finally the end for Lil_Jeffy."

-The EGCP Leader discussing his plan to kill Lil Jeffy literally to Lil_Jeffy

The EGCP Leader is an antagonist of the Club Penguin Shutdown series. He is one of the few Gang Leaders still around and one of the only survivors of the Gas Break incident at the Night Club.

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The EGCP Leader first appeared in the episode The Leaders. In that episode, he was one of the leaders of the meeting in the Night Club. He was the only one that survived the Gas Explosion besides The Strangers Leader.

In The Hunter, the EGCP Leader contracts Big Jeff to kill Lil Jeffy. If he does so, he would give him Rsnail's viking hat. He then told Lil_Jeffy that Big Jeff is only a sucker that would kill him. Lil_Jeffy, hearing it, got angry.

When he went out of the Coffee Shop he found the Agent, the Floppy Green Penguin and the Orange Puffle, then Lil_Jeffy started to attack him, making him apologize to Lil_Jeffy and tried to escape.

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The EGCP Leader is a white penguin, he carries an Delta EPF Uniform, has a Delta Fedora, and black shoes.

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Lil Jeffy Edit

Lil_Jeffy is the biggest fear of the EGCP Leader, making him being a coward when Lil_Jeffy is close to him.

Big Jeff Edit

Big Jeff is allies with the EGCP Leader. They teamed up to kill Lil_Jeffy, but the EGCP Leader only views Big Jeff like a sucker that would make his work free.

Coffee Shop-0

The EGCP Leader is on the left.

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  • He is the only white penguin in the Club Penguin Shutdown series.
  • He is always scared when Lil_Jeffy is close to him, making him not to be aggressive with him.
  • The EGCP Leader seems to be someone manipulator, using bounty hunters to do him works.
  • Although he has no name, in the actual Club Penguin Game, he's likely Cookky2, a Gang Leader for the EGCP.
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