The Fall is the ninth episode of the first season of Club Penguin Shutdown. The character on the front of the Thumbnail is the Purple Mutineer


The episode begins showing the Hidden Lake, in which the Red Thugs appear to have left from after the episode The Alliance. It then floods up after the red puffle that appeared in The Alliance has commited suicide after hitting itself to the wall, thus flooding the Mine Shack. A scene showing the Underground Pool then shows up, in which the monster from the episode Halloween is there. The scene cuts to the Plaza, slowly zooming to the Puffle Hotel.



  • The Fall is the second episode in which the usual narrator doesn't speak. The first one is Halloween.


  • When the Tuba Gang Leader throws a snowball through the Puffle Hotel's door, a second hole appears in the glass. However, said hole dissapears when the Plaza is shown, and reappears when the Puffle Hotel Lobby is shown.

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