"It seems clear to me that you don't realize how far death is away yet.."

-The Freak preparing to kill the Nacho Gang Leader

The Freak is a character in the Club Penguin Shutdown series.

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The Freak is a penguin who has a talent in torture and works with Rockhopper.

In The Wasteland, he was called by Rockhopper to execute The Nacho Leader. He ended up doing so by injecting him with the hot sauce, burning him from the inside out

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The Freak is a black penguin. He has, noticeably, the left eye larger than the right eye; giving him his name. He wears a tall, black top hat with grey stripes and a tuxedo.

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The Freak is shown to be very psychotic and loves causing pain to other penguins if needed. He has an obsession with preforming in a show-like manner and for Rockhopper and his well-being: stating that he might want to look away if his torture of the Nachos Leader was too much for him during The Wasteland.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Freak was originally a fan character made by Felipe1073w, the series' sprite worker, before he was hired by Near Human Intelligence to work for Club Penguin Shutdown.
  • The Freak is now a fan favorite character in the series, his obvious fan following shown in the official discord server.
    • He has taken over the Agent as a fan favorite in the server as well.
  • He was created on the 19th of December, 2017.
  • He is voiced by E.J.D. Chisolm, the same person who voices Big Jeff.
  • The first idea for The Freak's name was "The Killer"
  • The idea for The Freak came from an edit of the lighthouse that Agentpman created

Kills Edit

Character(s) Kill count
Nacho Gang Leader 1
Total 1

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