"It's a sham! You're just trying to scare us on the other side of the Island! Your so called "Lil_Jeffy" couldn't do anything of the sort!"

-The Viking Leader

The Leaders are leaders of the gangs of the Club Penguin Shutdown series.

Background Edit

They run different parts of the Island as property of their own. Examples of the Leaders are Tuba Gang Leader, The Strangers Leader, and the The EGCP Leader. In episode 13 The Leaders, The Stranger Leader talked about how much of a threat Lil Jeffy was. It was then, one of the Leaders, the Viking Leader accused the Stranger Leader of lying and trying to scare them off so he can have their territories. The EGCP Leader then notices Lil_Jeffy making him to go to the middle. The Viking Leader and the other Leaders begin to make fun of him. The Viking Leader then tries to kill him but Lil_Jeffy defecated the floor. Lil_Jeffy then slipped on it causing him to trip the Viking Leader that resulted in him getting stabbed into the face. The Generator up in the Arcade went wild and shot out two target shots than hit the Blue Leader directly into the face and decapitate the Tree Leader. Then it released a large amount of gas that killed most of the Leaders. The only surviving Leaders from the Gas is the Strangers and The EGCP Leader.

Trivia: Edit

  • 6 of The Gang Leaders are actually from real Gangs, while 3 are made up by Near Human Intelligence and Crew. These 6 are Red Penguin Mafia Leader, Rebel Penguin Marines Leader, Roman Leader, Tree Leader, Blacksmith Leader, and Dark Knights Leader. The 3 made-up Leaders is the Viking Leader and Red and Blue Leader who are basically identical to each other.
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