The Reason is the second special episode of Club Penguin Shutdown. It was made for April Fools 2018, meaning that its content is just a joke and isn't actually canon within the series. The character featured on the thumbnail is a beaten-up blue penguin (possibly the one from What's left of Club Penguin?)

Synopsis (as seen in the video's description) Edit

In this episode, Lil_Jeffy finally learns the truth about why Club Penguin was shutdown, and he might just finally come face to face with the big mouse himself...

Plot Edit

Lil_Jeffy and Agent are about to resume their journey to the Ski Hill when the Tuba Gang Leader suddenly emerges out of nowhere, having somehow survived the Cannibal, and grabs Lil_Jeffy's neck. Before he can do any harm, though, the world suddenly reverts back to the way it was before the shutdown (although Pizza Parlor is changed into a veggie store). The Tuba Gang Leader is confused but quickly resumes his assault on Lil_Jeffy, only to be stopped when a black penguin with gold clothing (a Moderator) enters the Plaza. The Tuba Gang Leader responds by telling him to "fuck (which is censored) off!", resulting in him being banned for inappropriate language.

With the Tuba Gang Leader gone, the Moderator informs Lil_Jeffy that Club Penguin is back online because its successor, Club Penguin Island, didn't work out very well. He goes on to tell Lil_Jeffy that the Club Penguin team will work on cleaning the island and banning the rest of the remaining thugs to restore Club Penguin to its former glory, but also notes that there's one catch: the Disney executives are cracking down on being a positive influence for kids and have decided to replace pizza with vegetables. This last bit devastates Lil_Jeffy since pizza was his favorite thing.

Angered by the prospect of pizza being outlawed, Lil_Jeffy picks up a snowball and raises it up. The narrator frantically warns Lil_Jeffy not to do anything stupid, and the Moderator tries to console him. Lil_Jeffy stands still for a few seconds, then throws the snowball on himself, killing him. The Moderator stares in shock while the narrator begins to ponder what he's supposed to do now, since the shutdown is over and there's no more story to tell. The episode ends with a still image that reads:

"The end.

Just kidding!

April Fools!

There won't really be a second season."

Trivia Edit

  • To date, The Reason is the first and only in which a character gets banned on screen, the Tuba Gang Leader in this case.
  • The still image from the end was used as the thumbnail for the teaser episode One Week.

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Club Penguin Shutdown Episode 15 - The Reason

Club Penguin Shutdown Episode 15 - The Reason

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