The Reunion is the second episode of season 2. The Character on the Thumbnail was the Survivor Girl.

Plot Edit

The Reunion; This introduces the Scavenger as he hears Agent crying. He then notices the Orange Puffle and plays with it for a bit. Then a bunch of puffles come along with a few "penguins" with a group of puffles going into the dead penguin corpse making it once again the Floppy Green Penguin. Horrified, the Scavenger runs into the Night Club, with Big Jeff noticing him thinking he's Lil Jeffy.

Meanwhile, The Purple Mutineer, the Survivor Man, and the Survivor Girl were talking about the Hybrid Sea Monster, and Lil Jeffy. But they would be interrupted by some Purple Republic members, talking that the Purple Mutineer was a mutineer and being chased by them, at the end the Survivor Man told Problem Solver where was Lil_Jeffy, but Problem Solver wanted to take the Survivor Girl. Survivor Man tried to talk it out with Problem Solver stating it was a problem and killed the Survivor Man stating "Problem Solved!"

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