The Sale is the fourth episode of the first season of the Club Penguin Shutdown series.


The episode begins showing the Cove, where Lil Jeffy and The Cove Crew went to sleep since the events of the previous episode The Crack. The black puffle who was viewing on Lil Jeffy and the survivors eating puffle flesh from the previous episode goes onto the top of one the pines. The puffle then leaves, causing a sound that awakes Lil Jeffy, who is no longer high since he ate the Mushroom Bags from the minecart in the previous episode. He realizes what he has actually done while he was high, panicking and going to the Plaza as result. However, he then sees The Cannibal, who is staring at the sky. Lil Jeffy decides to return to the Cove and walks in front of the hole he did when the minecart crashed. The leader of the Campers wakes up, and notices the minecart along with the bags. He asks Lil Jeffy where he got it and what they can do with it, saying that they can rule the island. He commands the rest of the Cove Crew to wake up. The Cove Crew leader decides to do a sale with the minecart.

Another black penguin, the RPF leader, comes and asks what is the situation supposed to be, being answered by the Cove Crew leader to be a little sale. He commands two of the Campers to push the minecart so that the black penguin can see it. The RPF leader takes one of the bags, but then two Cove Crew members take out snowballs. The RPF leader asks to the Cove Crew how they have so much. The Campers leader answers that they need some clothes, since they know that the black penguin is running the Clothes Shop. He also says that they need a couple of girls. The narrator says that the Cove Crew are getting sicker and don't ask for food like if they still intended to continue eating puffle meat, asking for girls as if they were property.

The RPF leader leaves and returns with the rest of the RPF and the Pigtailed Girl Penguin from The Gang, whom he plans use for the sale. However, the Cove Crew leader thinks that the RPF leader didn't understand what he said, so he decides to say once again what they need. The RPF leader says to him that they won't get all that. However, the pigtailed girl penguin talks about the cart and Lil Jeffy, with the Cove Crew leader asking what is she saying about Lil Jeffy. The girl penguin answers that Lil Jeffy stole the minecart from the Tuba Gang and got her brother killed, deciding to kill him as result. Lil Jeffy gets scared from what the girl penguin said, defecating on the ground as reaction. The RPF leader said that he didn't steal anything from the Tuba Gang. The Cove Crew leader gets angry as result, with the narrator saying that things are going south.

The Cove Crew leader says to the RPF leader about how he was trying to change the deal and then back out. In turn, the RPF leader replies to the Cove Cew leader that he's nothing and is only dealing with bad guys whom he would have to take down (alongside the rest of the Cove Crew), if he wanted to. He also says that they aren't messing with suff stolen from other gangs and calls the Cove Crew leader crazy and stupid bringing the minecart. The Cove Crew leader answers by killing the RPF leader.

The narrator says that war has begun, and most penguins had the need to throw snowballs at speeds they never had to before, and that as soon as the shock wears away things begin to go south. A war between the Cove Crew and the RPF begins, throwing snowballs to try to defeat each other. Lil Jeffy and the pigtailed girl penguin are the only penguins who are not fighting. The pigtailed girl penguin escapes as she urges Lil Jeffy to escape as well. When the pigtailed girl penguin enters the plaza, she punches Lil Jeffy, leaving him unconscious. The episodes ends with the narrator saying that when things go south, it means that things went wrong.


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