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The Strangers is the seventh episode of the first season of the Club Penguin Shutdown series.

Plot Edit

Lil Jeffy and Agent enter the Puffle Hotel and explore around the area. The Agent states that it's not in good condition but it'll do. He says for Lil_Jeffy to go to the Spa and he'll explore the roof, this makes the Narrator say that The Agent must not be fully acquainted with Lil_Jeffy, if he knew, he would realize sending Lil_Jeffy off on a mission like that would be making his own demise. He managed to open the elevator open and they both head in. In the Spa, Lil_Jeffy explores around the area before he slips on the soap and drops the note from the Underground Pool. Then, out of the shadows, a Floppy Green Penguin enters into the light.

Lil_Jeffy and the Narrator is disgusted by the Floppy Green Penguin's look, but it seems to be friendly. It grabs the note and hands it to Lil_Jeffy before the two exit the Spa. Just as they exit the spa, a bunch of eyes appear in the shadows. Up on the roof, The Agent is exploring the roof, as 2 Strangers enter. The Agent asks if Lil_Jeffy arrive back until he was hit by a hockey stick. One of the strangers was about to hit him again until he pounces on them. He then rips the stick from a a stranger and begins to fight the other. Sending the two both off the roof. He then heads into the lobby with 2 other strangers dragging Lil_Jeffy and the Floppy Green Penguin away. The Agent chases after them and heads out to the plaza. He grabs a stick from the previous 2 strangers and throws it at one stranger. the Bandana Stranger sees the fate of his partner and flees. The Agent then yells for the two to get in the hotel quickly. In the Lobby, The Agent blocks off the entrance door with items in the hotel. He then questions the motives of the Strangers and was happy there were survivors until Floppy Green Penguin hits Lil_Jeffy to give the note to the Agent. Seeing this, the Agent seems shocked and excited seeing the note. He reads the note which says; "To find the other penguins, go sledding". The Narrator describes sledding as a past-time favorite of the penguins and that it was on Ski Hill just as the screen fades.

Characters Edit

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