This page is about the characters. For the episode of the same name, see The Strangers.
The Strangers are characters of the Club Penguin Shutdown series.

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The Strangers are group of allied penguins. They started with 21 members, the named ones being:

The Strangers first appeared in the episode of the same name, where four strangers went to the Puffle Hotel. Two of them went into the roof while Agent was there. They decided to fight him, but ended out being knocked out of the roof and died. The other two tried to kidnap Lil Jeffy and the Floppy Green Penguin he met before, but one of them got killed by Agent while the other ran away.

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The Strangers are penguins who vary in body colors, most commonly black, red, blue, brown, dark green, light blue, orange, green and yellow. All of the Strangers also have outfits which vary from each other. They usually wear hoodies, bandanas, red and white shirts and black eyemasks.

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