''You and your big boys? good luck with all that!''

-The Strangers Leader's final words to the Tuba Gang Leader as he abandons him in the Clothes Shop

The Strangers Leader is an antagonist of the Club Penguin Shutdown series. He is voiced by Samuel Meza.

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Biography Edit

The Strangers Leader is the leader of a group known as The Strangers. He made his first appearance in the series in the episode The Alliance. In said episode, he became allies with the Tuba Gang Leader and the Purple Republic.

In The Fall, the Strangers, the Purple Republic and the Tuba Gang Leader go to the Puffle Hotel to attack Lil_Jeffy. He took control and command the two gangs to take the traitors and Lil_Jeffy's allies out using snowballs.

In The Plan, the Strangers Leader was plotting something among the six members of the Purple Republic in the Clothes Shop. They then decided to betray the Tuba Gang Leader and left in him the Clothes Shop.

In The Leaders, he reunited in the Night Club trying to warn the The Gang Leaders about Lil_Jeffy but they thought he was trying to scare them to take their territory. In this episode, he realized that The Mascots were really a big threat as The Red Penguin Mafia Leader told him. He also met Lil_Jeffy for the first time. He was horrified to see that he killed The Viking Leader, then The Blue Leader and Tree Leader right before the gas from the generator exploded. He managed to survive by using his bandana as a mask. He was horrified to see the dead corpses of The Leaders.

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The Strangers Leader is a black penguin. He wears a grey hoodie, a black hat with a red feather and a red bandana.

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Lil Jeffy Edit

Lil Jeffy is one of the Strangers Leader's enemies. Lil Jeffy didn't knew anything about him until The Leaders.

Tuba Gang Leader

He was formerly allies with the Tuba Gang Leader until The Plan, where he and the remaining Purple Republic members ditched him.

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Season 1 Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Oy! What is the Purple Republic doing here? that...a Tuba Guy?"
  • "You took them out...they were our allies, that's not gonna-"
  • "May I make a suggestion?"
  • "I cannot stand by and let my men go down like this"
  • "Penguins! We will not risk another life! Let's take out Lil_Jeffy and all those who betrayed us!"
  • "Alright crew, let's leave the penguin to his tuba eh?"
  • "You and your big boys...Good luck with all that"

Trivia Edit

  • Out of all the episodes the Strangers Leader appeared in, The Consequences is the only episode where he didn't speak.
  • The Strangers Leader appears in the thumbnail for The Chase, but doesn't make any appearance in the episode.
  • The Strangers Leader has an Australian accent.
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