The Tuba Gang were a hostile gang in Club Penguin Shutdown series. They were one of the most feared groups on the island until Lil_Jeffy ruined their reputation.

Background Edit

They were expected by the Big Boys to protect a mine cart full of Mushroom Bags, but through an accidental mishap caused by Lil Jeffy, they lost it all.

The entire gang, excluding the Tuba Gang Leader, was killed by Lil Jeffy after he caused the Mine Shack's cave to collapse, crushing all the members in the process.

As a result, the single remaining Leader swore revenge on Lil Jeffy, and went on a quest to track down and kill him. This continued until Season 1's finale, The Chase, where Lil Jeffy finally stood up to the Leader and fought with him, wounding him in the process. The Leader was then attacked by the Cannibal, who killed the Leader and later ate him in The Reunion.

Known Individuals Edit

  • A Tuba Gang member who yelled: ''It's Lil_Jeffy! he's bringin' the fort down on us!'' (Deceased)
  • Twelve unnamed Tuba Gang members (Deceased)

Appearance Edit

Each member of the Tuba Gang was a yellow penguin with a tuba. They had a leader called the Tuba Gang Leader, who distinguished himself from his subordinates by wearing a black bowler hat.

Kills Edit

Character(s) Kill count
Blue Penguin 1
Total 1


  • Despite being known as the Tuba Gang, the gang actually dons sousaphones, a type of marching tuba used for marching bands and drum corps.
  • Although they were the most dangerous gang to be around (mainly due to their brutal and violent tendencies), they weren't the largest gang; the actual largest gang on the island is The Strangers.
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