What's left of Club Penguin? is the first episode of Club Penguin Shutdown.

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The episode begins showing the plaza, which appears to be in a deteriorated state. An off-screen narrator explains what happened, saying that the world that takes place in Club Penguin is now a dangerous dead zone. Two penguin thugs holding a blue penguin and hockey sticks enter the plaza and start to beat up the blue penguin. An orange penguin named Lil Jeffy then enters the plaza, with the narrator asking if Lil Jeffy is going to help the blue penguin. The blue penguin then cries for help. However, it then appears that Lil Jeffy is hungry, since he is seen saying a pizza emote, and a stomach rumble is heard. Lil Jeffy goes towards the Pizza Parlor, but he then stops, about to change his decision, and another stomach rumble is heard. Lil Jeffy still decides to enter the Pizza Parlor. The narrator then explains that all penguins know that there is no longer any pizza to be found in the Pizza Parlor, but times are desperate and food is scarce. He also explains that light is blazing from the parlor, and someone might be cooking pizzas. The inside of the parlor is then shown, with the narrator saying that it looks to be Lil Jeffy's lucky day since it appears that someone has left a cooking meal in the oven and nobody else seems to be inside the parlor. Lil Jeffy walks to the oven, but he gets shocked while looking through the glass. The narrator then asks why Lil Jeffy is shocked. The camera then zooms through the glass of the oven, showing that there actually severed parts of a penguin that are roasting. Lil Jeffy runs away from the oven and vomits. A noise is heard, and Lil Jeffy looks at the kitchen entrance. The narrator says that somebody else is in the parlor, called The Cannibal. Lil Jeffy runs away from the parlor and the Cannibal exits the kitchen. The Cannibal then runs for Lil Jeffy. The blue penguin from before can still be seen, bleeding. Lil Jeffy then outruns the Cannibal. The Cannibal checks the corpse for life. It appears that the blue penguin is still alive. The Cannibal dances and grabs the blue penguin from his arm. The Cannibal then enters the Pizza Parlor, and the episode ends.

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  • This is the only episode in which no characters (other than the narrator) spoke with voice.

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